The Big Kid and Basketball Part IV … The E-mail

[Continued from The Big Kid and Basketball Part III … The Coach]

Fast forward a few years

The E-mail

“You are the worst coach ever!  I have never seen such a sloppy practice.  And the game? Pathetic! Unprepared. No direction!  Why do you waste my son’s time?!”

Have you ever read an E-mail that made you gasp and lose your breath?

A few days prior I had asked the seemingly innocuous question of a parent of one of my players: “How did the boys do at the last game?”  I had asked the question because I had been out of town on business and could not be there.

As a reminder …

This is not a D-1 college basketball program where we are seeking millions in revenue and fighting tooth and nail to make the Sweet Sixteen or better in the NCAA Tourney commonly known as March Madness.

This is not high school basketball where winning the championship can save your job and builds your reputation for further coaching pursuits and young men strive to gain the attention of college scouts.

This is not middle school basketball where parents are pushing for their kids to get playing time and exposure so they are well positioned for high school ball.

This is 8th grade Gorham Recreation basketball where during the winter months children have the opportunity to get some exercise, learn basketball fundamentals, learn how to play as a team, learn some life lessons for off the court, and play a game they enjoy.

Am I a basketball expert?  No. I am a parent who loves his son and at least initially simply wanted him “the big kid” to get a win. And now a parent who simply wants to help.

Did I play basketball in college? No. I was a football player (until achieving what is known as the unhappy triad (and then some) by tearing three ligaments and both the lateral and medial meniscus (cartilage) in my right knee while on the gridiron).

Did I play high school basketball? No.

Did I play in a recreation basketball league like these boys?  Yes.

Back in my day in my hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts those of us not playing high school basketball for any reason (my reason was I was not good enough) but still enjoyed the game and belonged to a church parish or temple played what was known as “Church Ball”.

Am I named after the greatest player in basketball history? Yes – Tommy Heinsohn. (In my opinion and with no bias of course).

Am I now officially the worst coach ever? Could this person who I respect greatly be right?


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