The Big Kid … Leading and Loving with Courage and Heart

The following is a FaceBook Post by my son, Tommy Dahlborg, the Big Kid from the Big Kid and Basketball.

Everyday you lead, inspire, teach, and support others with great courage and heart. I love you, Tommy the Brave. Tommy the Lion.

Reprinted with permission

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Facebook family and friends,

I just wanted to make a post about what journey I’ve been on mainly the past 5 months, but really my whole life. My biggest insecurity my whole life has been my weight. I’ve always been bigger than everyone else, usually perceived in a negative way. My weight effected me in more ways than one. I only had 7 plate appearances my last baseball season and didn’t even play in my Senior night game, because I was too slow (I think about this almost every time I hit the gym, hardest time of my life). I wasn’t allowed to hangout with some kids when I was younger because I was “too big” in their parent’s eyes. I have been mocked and casually made fun of for my weight all 19 years of my life. And yes, even a little casual joke can hurt. I don’t mean to sound too emotional, but truth is it’s always been a big deal to me. As I said, being my biggest insecurity, after hours and hours and months of hard work, I have some progress photos. If anybody knows me well, I don’t like taking pictures. Let alone taking pictures of myself in a bathroom with my shirt off, it’s a whole different ball game. But, I figured sharing these pictures of this new journey, a new lifestyle I’m taking up, is a great way to step out of my comfort zone. Because, as they say, stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for growing as an individual. In the first picture, I was 273 pounds. I just about cried when I saw that number below me. I was closer to being 300 pounds than I was to being 200. I was scared. It added to my insecurity. But, as many Dahlborg’s do, I knew it was time to kick ass. Progressively I lost weight, felt better, got stronger. 5 or so months later I have lost 30 pounds (the last picture was taken this morning). Don’t get me wrong, I am no way NEAR where I want to be, but I’m pretty damn proud of myself. And that says a lot, as confidence is a huge issue of mine, I lack it a lot, and to feel proud of myself, it’s a great feeling. I have been blessed with many loving, caring, passionate family members and friends who have supported me to reach goals that would not be attainable without their help. I have been “blessed” with those who have beaten me up emotionally about my weight, didn’t put me in that last game, or didn’t let me play with their kids. I just want to hopefully inspire others to lose that weight, beat their depression (and yes, I definitely felt depressed at times), or to be more confident. Whatever it is I will support you because I know what it feels like to feel like shit, all you have to do is reach out, and you have my unconditional support. While I may have shrunk on the scale, I believe I’ve grown as an individual, but still have a lot of work to do again, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Confidence still doesn’t come easy for me, I’m still heavier than I should be. But, one day I won’t be, I am CONFIDENT I will rid myself of these struggles. To each of you, the doubters, those who have made fun of me, those who have showed unconditional love to me, my amazing family, my amazing friends, I love all of you. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it helps all of you individually to be inspired to attain what you do not have.




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