The power of circle in baseball, healthcare and more

Emily Gillies, a baseball coach and recent learner of the Circle Way, saw an opportunity to teach more than balls and strikes to the boys and girls she coached …

Calling the players to join me at the pitcher’s mound, we established our impromptu center by putting our gloves in the middle.

NOTE: As the leader of a non-profit research institute and innovation lab we used CIRCLE PROCESS as one of our means to instill connection throughout our organization.

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Emily continued …

Realizing the opportunity for team-building, and wanting to acknowledge the “elephant” of being a losing team, I firmly believed we should start with a circle conversation and not the usual coach-led explanation of rules and game-play procedures.


From Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea of PeerSpirit

The CIRCLE is an ancient form of meeting that has gathered human beings into respectful conversation for thousands of years. What transforms a meeting into a circle is the willingness of people to shift from informal socializing or opinionated discussion into a receptive attitude of thoughtful speaking and deep listening.


Emily shared further …

As a coach whose motto is not “play to win” but rather, “play to learn,” I believe there are many accomplishments to celebrate as our time together comes to a close.


To read more of Emily and her team’s journey of caring and learning and growing and maturing see her post on the Circle Way website:

Holding circle on the baseball diamond

160706 baseball-pic


Be it a non-profit research institute and innovation laboratory, a youth sports team, a hospital, or any other organization … the principles of CIRCLE instilled and honored will …

  • achieve greater mutual understanding
  • develop a spirit of cooperation and collaborative skills
  • work through differences, difficult issues, painful experiences
  • make decisions together, building consensus
  • repair, heal, and build relationships and a sense of community
  • develop agreements that bring resolution and closure
  • plan for the future

… and better position individual, team & organization for the deepest meaning of success.



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