Heart feels as mind forgets

The pole now gone
Dark and tall once was
Night turned dawn
Found silent applause

Time elapsed
Futility backtrack
Future collapsed
Unreliant playback

Rebounding no more
Dodging the carried
No longer to soar
Foreboding and harried

Hole filled ashes
Avoiding the pack
Time in flashes
No turning back

Darkness cold in sight
Emptiness of space
Hit away the night
Reluctant to embrace

Missing memory stroll
Forever remembered regrets
Soil fills the whole
Hearts  feel mind forgets

Four’s to two’s to three’s
Remembrance foregone
Bowing down wounded knees
Pining and withdrawn

All forlorn
Sadness the lot
Body old worn
Eternity uncaught

Dark turns white
Joints growing brittle
Seeking Almighty Light
Finding too little


Originally published on the uni-verse within




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