The Big Kid and Basketball XXV … Courage

[Continued from The Big Kid and Basketball XXIV … the Love of Coaching]

Three years ago, I opted to ‘retire‘ from coaching young men’s basketball.

The journey was amazing because of great kids, great parents, a great program, family support and involvement … and of course Richie Becker my assistant coach.

I think of this at this time as I saw the picture featured above in my FaceBook memories today.

The picture itself I found to be quite profound as the word “COURAGE” is visible over our heads.

Because you see, so many of the young men we coached showed such great courage as they faced incredible challenges off the court that far outweighed any challenges they faced on the court, e.g., body image issues, bullying, drugs, divorce, abandonment, the death of a parent, and so much more.

I am so proud of each of the young men who came through our program, how each of them faced their own challenges, how they got up each and every time they were knocked down …

170309 up down

… and how together we became a community.

God truly blessed us.

And I am most grateful to have been part of this team.






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