The Big Kid and Basketball is now available at The Abbey

“And as we kissed Tommy prior to his departure, we noticed his beautiful smile, the one deep dimple on the right side of his face, and his glistening blue eyes. Our boy. Our boy, who was born beautiful and with neurological challenges. Our boy, who each night we prayed would be okay, we prayed for strength, we prayed for guidance, and knew that no matter what we would give him the best life … “

Faith has always been important to our family. And it was Faith and our Trust in the wisdom and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ that provided us with the pathway to help our son, The Big Kid.

“[I]t was now time for Tommy to get a win.  It was time to put to good use God’s gift to Tommy (his body).”

190429 The Abbey_Book PR1So, it was ever so special when Yvonne from The Abbey Catholic Book & Gift Shop and I connected and she said she would love to make The Big Kid and Basketball available to all at her bookstore.

And then I learned even more.

Yvonne’s desire to carry this book was not only because of its faith-filled message …

As Yvonne and I spoke, she shared the challenges of bullying and the impact it has had on her family. And that she too knew the pain as a parent of her child being bullied — bullied by adults.

And as we talked, I prayed again. I prayed that we (all of us) come together and stop the bullying … especially of children by adults.

  • Bullying harms at the time of the acute incident.
  • Bullying has longitudinal impact on each child from childhood into adulthood.
  • Victims of bullying are up to 9 times more likely to attempt suicide.

So yes …

I am thrilled (and so very grateful) that The Big Kid and Basketball can now be found at The Abbey in Scarborough, Maine.

And yes, I remain so very appreciative that The Big Kid and Basketball can also be found:

But most important …

I am so very grateful for each of you. Each of you who has shared your story. Who has learned and grown (as I have from the experience) and is seeking to help, to support, to comfort, and to love.

Yes, I do have Hope — and great Faith — that together we will make a difference and we will stop the bullying of children.

As my good friend Santiago Ortega once said to me …

“We need to help people. We need to have a good heart. We need to educate people. We are here for them. I am here for them. I don’t want anyone to feel alone or to be alone. My love keeps me on this journey.”

… will you join us on this journey?

For in the darkness there is still great beauty … when we work together.


NOTE: At you will find a RESOURCES page with important and helpful information as we travel this journey together.


190429 Hoop in dark



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