The Big Kid and Basketball “It’s all about IMPACT” book tour continues — Unite Against Bullying ME & The Crown Cares

Back in 2013, when our daughter Samantha Dahlborg first approached us about “doing a pageant” … my bride and I had no idea what to expect nor how best to support her on this new journey.

But Sammy showed us. She showed us what it takes to overcome fear, to believe in oneself, to dedicate oneself, to set a goal and to achieve a goal.

190812 Sammy Miss Maine USA.jpg

And Sammy showed us additional goodness within the pageant industry as she showcased her platform “The Confidence Project” where she helped young women rediscover their own authentic self and in many cases rebuild their own self-esteem.

NOTE: The Confidence Project came to fruition as Sammy sought a path to help others as she also worked on her own healing from having been bullied.

And with this goodness in mind … and as part of The Big Kid and Basketball “It’s all about IMPACT” book tour …



… this coming weekend I am so excited to be engaging with Deb Landry and the local USA National Miss pageant she leads and which does so much good for so many.

It is the mission of this pageant to encourage, support, and teach young women how to give back to their community, learn how to be civically minded and to develop the necessary skills to achieve academic and career goals.

Please follow this link for more information

190812 Deb Landry.jpeg

Deb Landry is an amazing and impactful leader and anti-bullying advocate who as noted heads up this local pageant and leads the Crossroads Youth Center a 501c3 youth organization and the programs Unite Against Bullying ME and Crown CARES (which all tie in together to improve this world).




Unite Against Bullying ME

Crossroads Youth Center’s Unite Against Bullying ME Project is a free program to raise awareness of bullying prevention and to support our youth each and everyday by assisting them to create a bullying free and safe school environment. We celebrate October as National Bullying Prevention month through events, activities and education but treat everyday as an opportunity to bring awareness to the number one problem facing children, youth and teens in schools.

The Crown CARES

USA National Miss partners with the Crown CARES (Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools), as their official platform. 

The Crown CARES is specifically designed for pageant systems who wish to promote awareness as a platform on the epidemic of bullying in schools, to cultivate a safe environment through character education and most importantly teach skills to develop social responsibility in school-age children, youth and teens.  

Modeled after the Unite Against Bullying ME Project, the Crown CARES provides a comprehensive program which includes a how-to manual, and educational literature to the participants. This program provides the general knowledge, research, resources and practical advice necessary to incorporate steps and measures to effectively promote awareness of bullying prevention and character education, while fostering safe school environment.

It is truly an honor to be asked by Deb Landry to engage with her in this anti-bullying space and I very much look forward to an amazing pageant event this weekend and additional positive movement on our shared goal of stopping bullying and supporting children on their life journey.


“Keep your head on a swivel and together we will stop bullying.”







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